FIREARMS FORGING is a manufacturer of components made from hot forging and designed for both civil and military applications. The components, all made of 7075 aluminum, are meticulously processed and made to be versatile, robust and reliable.


We offer

  • 7075 aluminum forged, water hardened, Termically Treated and pickled products
  • Raw, 80% and 100% machined products
  • Finishings (colored anodization, cerakote, camouflage) on 100% machine products
  • Support in product designing and developing through the FORGE SIMULATION SYSTEM
  • 40 years experience in the forging field

Why forged?

  • The precision forging process tends to reduce the number of mechanical operations
  • The results of HOT DEFORMATION throught forging determines a GREATER STRENGHT and MICROSTRUCTURAL CHANGES


  • Premium Quality
  • Global orders with scheduled deliveries
  • Civil and Military License


Stab. e Uffici : Via Milano, 7 – 24051 ANTEGNATE (BG)

Tel.: 0363 – 914.335 – Fax : 0363 – 914.308

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Società Controllante: ZUCCHETTI HOLDING S.p.a.

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